Feng Shui Tip

When evaluating your own house, look for any sha (negative influence). These can be anything that affects the senses adversely. A foul smell from the trash — take the trash out and clean the container; a crack in the wall that has needed fixing for some time – fix it immediately or at least hide it behind a picture; or a broken tile on the steps – fix this up as soon as possible. Attack all the things that are bothering you, one-by-one. Soon you will have handled all the little things that are creating a bad feeling (even if only slightly). Doing so will help you feel more comfortable and will help the Feng Shui.

One last thing, when fixing these things, introduce beauty into the space. Add some flowers, replace something old with something fresh and new. All of these things go towards making a good Feng Shui house. Remember that the house should be warm and welcoming to you and others. This is promoting the good qi and reducing the bad.