168 Feng Shui Advisors teach and consult on traditional Chinese Feng Shui. With more than 30 years combined experience in Feng Shui, we can provide you with authentic solutions to Feng Shui issues within your home and building.

Because each house is unique in its situation, size and architecture, we cannot provide quotes by email. Additionally, we do not offer long distance consultations. We need to visit your residence or office first hand to provide the highest level of accuracy.

Please call us at 818-841-4135 for more information on our consulting services and to arrange an appointment.

Principal Consultants

Sophia Tang Shaul

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Sophia was exposed to Feng Shui at an early age. However, growing up all that she saw around her was superstitious nonsense. It was not until she met Master Larry Sang in the mid-1980’s that she realized Feng Shui was a mathematically-based science. By 1992, she was one of Master Sang’s first students in the United States.

Co-founder of 168 Feng Shui Advisors, Sophia has provided analysis on large-scale properties, as well as private homes, all over the United States and abroad. Her clientele includes dot-com billionaires, executives in the entertainment industry, real estate professionals and other business owners.

As a Senior Instructor at the American Feng Shui Institute, Sophia has taught hundreds of students the art and science of traditional Chinese Feng Shui.

A sought after reference on traditional Feng Shui, she has been seen both in print, radio and on television. She has been written about and has been recently featured on:

  • Featured presenter at a Disneyland Feng Shui seminar
  • “What in the World is Feng Shui?”, a worldwide release TV documentary
  • New York Times
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Dow Jones
  • NBC’s “Living Better with Carrie Wiatt
  • E !Entertainment –
    Style Network’s “Home with Style”
  • CBS – KLSX Talk Radio
  • Los Angeles Daily News
  • U.S. Japan Business News
  • Natural Health Magazine
  • Las Vegas Life Magazine

Other credits:

Sophia can be reached at [email protected] .

Chris Shaul

Originally from Southern California, Chris first met Master Larry Sang (Founder of the American Feng Shui Institute) when he was living in Hong Kong in 1993. Impressed with Master Sang and his teachings of Feng Shui, Chris returned to the United States in 1994 and began studying with Master Sang at the American Feng Shui Institute. Having a background in computer systems, he found the logical and common sense process of Feng Shui attractive and interesting. Soon after, he began teaching at the Institute.

Co-founder of 168 Feng Shui Advisors, Chris has consulted with hospitals, commercial buildings and offices, retail stores, restaurants, and for homeowners. He has also provided readings for corporations, small businesses and individuals across the US and abroad. He is a Senior Instructor at the American Feng Shui Institute. He has taught thousands of students the practice of Feng Shui. He is continuing to teach at the Institute and around the country. He is the developer of the American Feng Shui Institute’s online correspondence courses.

Memberships and Associations

  • Senior Instructor at the American Feng Shui Institute
  • Member of the American Society of Feng Shui
  • Member of the American yi jing Study Center
  • In 2007, Chris completed a study in Chinese Traditional Architecture held by the International Association of I-Ching Studies in Beijing China.

Chris also lectures at colleges, architecture schools, private organizations, and for businesses. He has appeared in various media including:

  • LA Times
  • Natural Health Magazine
  • KLSX Radio

Together with Master Larry Sang, Chris is writing online classes at the American Feng Shui Institute. He also plans to have a detailed book about Feng Shui. He currently maintains three Internet sites providing information about this fascinating science.

Chris can be reached at [email protected].

You can read Chris’ personal blog at http://www.chrisshaul.com