Feng Shui Tip

A simple way to improve the Feng Shui of your home is by starting in the garden. Using beauty and color will enhance the qi of any house. The trick is to use the right colors. Similar to painting the house, if you use colors that are supportive to the trigram of the house, then you can promote the prosperity of the house. The trigram is determined by finding the sitting direction of the house. So if your house faces east and sits west, then your house is a Dui house and you can use metal colors such as golds, whites and silvers to enhance the house. By planting white flowers or by using golden color (not yellow) flowers, you can strengthen the qi of the house.

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Remember to keep the flowers watered and alive. Dead flowers are unfavorable qi and should be avoided. So try adding flowers that are supportive to the house in the garden, or a pair of pots at the entrance. It will enhance the qi and the look of your home.