Does Feng Shui require a Compass?

Does Feng Shui require a Compass?

Yes, Feng Shui is only Feng Shui if a compass is used. Without it, one is only practicing design and personal preference.

Let’s see how specific it is. There are eight directions; North, South, East, West, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, and Northeast. On a Lo Pan, or Chinese Compass, these directions are divided into three different sections. On a Lo Pan then, there are 24 divisions of 15 degrees each. Each division’s orientation can result in a totally different house in terms of its prosperity. A few degrees one way or another is a completely different house type.At a basic level, Feng Shui does blend with interior design principals. These addresses the environment you live in. But at a deeper level, the true nature of Chinese Feng Shui is based on geomancy or “earth wisdom”. It looks at how Qi is influenced by time and direction. A Feng Shui analysis is very specific and requires the use of a feng shui compass.

One of the most important aspects of Feng Shui is time. To find out just how important the time factor is, we multiply the 24 divisions by the nine different time periods (A time period here is 20 years) and so we can see that there are really 216 different house types, not just 24. Multiply this times an unlimited number of floor plans and you get an infinite number of Feng Shui analyses. One size does not fit all. There is no fixed area for wealth, health, etc. These forms of Qi can be present, but it takes a qualified practitioner to uncover them.
All of this is based on calculations. Feng Shui can be very exact. It is not guesswork. What makes it confusing is that there are practitioners with varying degrees of knowledge. Some practitioners only look at the 8 house trigrams. Some look at the time cycles, but they do so without a deeper understanding of the correct calculations. For example, there was a book about Feng Shui written in the last few years. It is one of the few that explain the time calculations. It is one of the few that show the calculations. Unfortunately, the book. s calculations seem only work in the North Sitting, and South facing orientation. Turn the orientation 15 degrees and the calculations do not work.Further, there are variable Qi energies depending on the time. These are 180 years, 20 years, annually, monthly, and daily. So what does all this mean? Well, if you are in a house that was built between 1964 and 1983, then in 1984 it became weaker. And during this 20-year period, there is the possibility that a house can be “restricted” or have a difficult periods for either the people or money. This lasts for the particular time cycle. It can be a month, year, or even 20 years. This explains why a lot of times that a particular house can be very good, but for a certain year, money is a struggle, or perhaps relationships are difficult to find.

There are many different levels of Chinese Feng Shui. The commonly used teachings include:

Form – The Form method only addresses only the external or internal environments.

Eight House – (Also known as the East/West teachings) This method addresses the basic orientations and how best to align one’s self to the favorable directions.

Xuan Kong – (Also known as Flying Star Method) This is a Time specific Feng Shui which looks at orientations and time factors. This is used to map the specific qi within a building, room, or other area. This is a very detailed method and can be very accurate if performed correctly.

These methods are all are necessary and work together. You can analyze the Feng Shui on a Form level without a compass, but you are only dealing with such issues as “clearing the clutter” or how the outside environment affects the house. Eight House theory is based on orientation and requires a compass. If you use Xuan Kong, which deals with specific issues of Qi, then you also must look at Form as well as the Eight House theories to accurately analyze the Feng Shui. With this method, you must have an accurate compass reading.

To look at the Feng Shui any deeper than the Form Method, you must use a compass to determine the direction. Many times, people think their house faces a certain direction, but are incorrect when a compass is used. For example, many people in Los Angeles think that the ocean is West of Los Angeles. In actuality, most beaches in Los Angeles are South Facing. Many cities are based on grids that are North/South or East/West. But is it true North or magnetic North? Feng Shui looks at magnetic North. So remember, that is if there is no exact measurement of orientation, then there is no way to judge the Feng Shui beyond the basic environment. A complete Feng Shui analysis uses all three methods to accurately look at the environment of the building and how the people can feel their best in that building.