Our Philosophy

If you look around a Chinese community, you will often see a lot of homes with Bagua mirrors, strange entrances, unusual walkways, and a whole slew of other “modifications” to the home that is supposed to make the Feng Shui better. Unfortunately, this is just wrong. We want to say up front that we do not subscribe to superstitious, religious, or other “popularized” versions of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui should be natural, if it “looks” like feng shui, it is not good Feng Shui! When you walk into a house with good Feng Shui, it should feel good and welcoming, without any obvious signs that anything special was done.

Also known as Chinese Geomancy, this study is based on repeatable calculations with prescribed solutions being based solely on the five elements and by creating beautiful, warm, and supportive environments.

As Senior Instructors at the American Feng Shui Institute, so you can be you are assured you are getting the best in Feng Shui consultants who provide a detailed Feng Shui analyses for homes, businesses, and land.

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