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 Personalized on-site consultations

Sophia analyzing the feng shui of a property.

When you use 168 Feng Shui Advisors for a personalized consultation, you will be getting a detailed analysis that looks at all four factors of Feng Shui; Building, Environment, People, and Time. Most practitioners utilize only the first two (building and environment). People and Time are especially key to an accurate Feng Shui reading.

You receive the necessary information to correctly enhance your situation. You will find out how the greater environment effects you, how key areas of your house or building can be enhanced to assist you, how you personally can ensure you are most rested or productive.

All of this is based on traditional mathematical calculations, logic, and common sense. 

We do not use superstition, mysticism, or religion.

Arranging an on-site consultation

If you live in the Southern California Area, we would be happy to provide you with a detailed Feng Shui analysis. Please contact us at either the number or email shown to arrange an appointment.

In certain situations, we travel to various places around the US to provide consultations. For appointments outside of the Southern California area we need at least 30 days notice. Please contact us below for more details and to arrange both an appointment and travel considerations.

What is needed?

We ask that you provide us, either before or at the time of the analysis:

  • An accurate floor plan

  • The year the building was built

  • The birth dates of all occupants.

Consultations by email?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide long distance consultations by email, fax, or letter. We feel that like a good doctor who will not prescribe medicine without first meeting the patient, a qualified Feng Shui practioner should not provide recommendations without examining the building and environment first-hand.

You can however post general questions to our Feng Shui Forum!


The cost of an on-site consultation varies with the size of the property or development, travel time, and the depth of analysis. Consultation prices begin at $495 US dollars. Custom home developments and consultations ourside of the greater Los Angeles area are priced on a project by project basis.

Contact us

You can reach us at: (818) 841-4135.

or by emailing us at [email protected].

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